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Whiskas Coupons – Up to $5 Off Whiskas Temptations Treats & Wet Cat Food

Looking after a pet cat can be a herculean task for amateurs. While trained individuals or individuals with past experience with pets can handle them fairly easily, the newbies will have a level of difficulty in observing and adhering to the cat’s demands. Cats are often portrayed as lazy and pampered pets in popular media. Whiskas treats them to further delicacies with their wide range of exciting products, apt for both the trained and untrained pet owner!

For those who want their pet cats to have the best of products at minimal prices, there are various coupons which can be redeemed either online or at local stores for a discount in the price of the product.

The current coupon offers a 15% discount (expired, new offers below) on a wide range of Whiskas Products. To name a few, the coupon is applicable in the following products – Cat treats (Various Flavors), Tuna Treats, Chicken Flavor Treats, Alaskan Salmon Flavor Treats, Hearty Beef Treats, Seafood variety, Skin and Oat, Yellow fin Tuna and various Feline favorite products. If this deal sounds ‘delicious’, do not hesitate to go ahead and click the buy button! After all, the offer wont last too long! Happy Shopping.

Whiskas Coupons UPDATE 2017 (best viewed on Desktop)

More coupons

Several Temptations Treats coupons are available at Amazon:

The discounts will be applied at checkout

Save $0.50 on any one package of Temptations Cat Treats at coupons.walmart.com.
The same offer is also available at coupons.target.com

Keep in mind that in order to print these offers from Walmart and Target you have to install their printing plugin.

Further more you can save $1 on three bags of Temptations cat treats at Kroger. You can find this offer at their coupons page. You will have to sign in or register to load the offer to your Kroger store card

Old coupons
Save 5% on Temptations Cat Treats with a coupon from cartwheel.target.com (expired)
Few Whiskas cat food coupons are available in the newspapers or you can get them from a coupon clipping service (expired)
Save $1 off any 3 bags of Temptations cat treats at Target (expired)

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9 Responses to Whiskas Coupons – Up to $5 Off Whiskas Temptations Treats & Wet Cat Food

  1. Sheryn Chambers says:

    My cat can’t exist without these treats. I use them in combo with his dry food. He won’t eat any kind of wet canned food.

  2. Nana Cheshire says:

    need all the help I can get – 4 cats – one is 20 lbs.

  3. Michael Furth says:

    My cat love it. If you could, please mail me some comments. If not, I can always find someone to take me to get some of these cat treats. On a scale of 1-10, my cats, along with myself, rate these treats an 11.


    Michael Furth

  4. Sue says:

    I have four cats and they will only eat the treats made for “Hairball Control”. They really work, keeping the cats happy and free of hair balls. If you have long haired cats I highly recommend this treat.

    Crazy cat Lady

  5. Ronda Dietzler says:

    Thankyou,i just discovered this cat food coupon page,i am a cat mom and also involved in cat rescue but also house various cats either going to rescue or are part of my barn cat crew,I’m the future home of “Johnny cat sanctuary”,I have spayed and neutered with the help of mnsnap,so the population has lowered some since moving to this location 2yrs ago,i pulled atleast 5cats off the road the first summer ,very heartbreaking ,so I will continue helping cats and the future of Johnny cat sanctuary will continue to bloom and these coupons will help tremedously.
    Ronda D. in Minnesota
    #savethecats #catlover #crazycatladythatsme #johnnycatsanctuary

  6. Judy Carey says:

    We buy Wiskas Purrfectly CHICKEN entrée. Do you have any coupons that will work for it? Our cat loves it. He is getting old and the hard cat food he can not eat.

  7. Judy Carey says:

    I am looking for Wiskas Purrfectly Chicken coupons.

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