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Vetscription Calming Diffuser for Cats Coupon

Vetscription offers one of the most helpful products for house pets. And the news gets even better: Now, you may enjoy $2 off on the Vetscription Calming Diffuser. This is a great treat for your cuddly kitties indeed. This product is especially developed to use the Pheromone Technology, which is proven effective in modifying and correcting stress-related behaviors among pets. Some of the issues it can correct are:

  • Excessive meowing
  • Inappropriate marking
  • Scratching

Simply use the product as described to reap the results. The diffuser is already loaded with the consumable solution that will last up to 30 days. If it runs out, simply buy a refill to continue using the product.
The $2 discount on the Vetscription Calming Diffuser for Cats is very ideal for pet owners who are having behavioral problems with their little kitties. And now that this is offered at a good discount, it becomes even more affordable. Try it now while the coupon deal is still on. Check it out from Walmart’s website here and download (expired – new coupon below). After printing the coupon, you may head to any of the Walmart store near you to redeem. It’s now easier and cheaper to make your cat a well-behaved pet.

Update – get 10% off Vetscription Cat Calming Diffuser with this coupon available from cartwheel.target.com (expires 09/30/2015).

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