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Special Discount on Advantage® II for Cats

From now until the end of 2015, cat owners can purchase packs of the flea control product Advantage® II and they will receive additional tubes for free. Buy a 6 pack of Advantage® II and you will receive 2 additional tubes for free, for a total of 8. This results in 33% additional product at the same cost. In addition, a 4 pack of Advantage® II can be purchased and with the offer, buyers can get 1 additional tube at no additional cost, that’s 25% more product for free.

Advantage® II for cats is only available at veterinary clinics in the United States.
Advantage® II for cats is a complete solution for preventing and treating fleas on your cat. The topical liquid is applied to your cat behind its head. One application protects and treats the cat for fleas for about 30 days. So, each tube will offer your cat 30 days of flea protection. Since not every cat is the same size, the company makes Advantage® II in three different size tubes, one for kittens under 5 pounds, another for small cats that are 9 pounds or under and another for larger cats which are over 9 pounds.

The product kills fleas on contact at every stage of life, including eggs and adult fleas. Click here to take advantage of the offer.

Update – Petco is having a 13% discount on Advantage II Once-A-Month Cat & Kitten Topical Flea Treatment product

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