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Sheba Cat Food Coupons

Sheba is one premium cat food that successfully combined high nutrition and great taste. Tagged as premium cat food entrees, Sheba is the only one that can show your pets what healthy should really taste like. Sheba comes in three premium pate variants such as Chicken and Tuna, Beef and Chicken, and Seafoods. There are also two new variants offered in the market today, Mixed Grill and Cuts of Turkey and Giblets. Give your cat a taste of all of these tasty goodies by simply liking their Facebook page. The coupon is valid for 1 free can of Sheba cat food for every 6 cans purchased.

The coupon entitles bearer a $1 discount on 24 cans of Sheba cat food or on any variety pack. To avail of the discount, simply visit the Sheba Facebook page click on the Download Coupon button. That is the first step to avail of the discount. Once you are, you’ll be entitled to a lot of great stuff, with the discount coupon being the first.
Take your printed coupon to the nearest dealer or retailer to redeem its value. Only one coupon per customer is allowed. Coupon is valid only for a limited time. Get yours today and let your cats enjoy the craze that the Sheba cat food has created.

Other Sheba Coupons

  • Save $3 off any 24 cans Or 1 Multipack of SHEBA® Premium Food for Cats. Coupon offered by Kroger – get it here (expires 11/02/2014)
  • Two Sheba coupons are available at Target. You can get $1 off with purchase of 12 3-oz. Sheba single wet cat foods and $2 off with purchase of two 10-ct. Sheba wet cat food multipacks. (expired)

You can also redeem a $3 off manufacturer coupon at Walgreens (expired). To redeem the coupon follow these steps:
1. Visit Walgreens Paperless coupons page
2. Under “Browse by Category” select Household.
3. Sheba coupon will be visible below among the household coupons. Press Clip it to use it.

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