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Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC for Cats 20% Discount Coupons

Amazon is currently offering a discount on Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC and Pronyl MAX OTC flea and tick treatment for cats. The products are a competitor to the popular Frontline brand of flea and tick products.
Pronyl is a flea and tick treatment for cats. It is applied topically. It contains the same active ingredient, fipronil, as the top selling flea and tick treatment, Frontline. The Pronyl MAX product contains a second active ingredient used to enhance fipronil’s effectiveness. The treatment is waterproof and is effective for 1 month. Pronyl offers protection for your cat from fleas, ticks, chewing lice and also prevents re-infestations. By using Pronyl, you are lessening your cat’s exposure to bites from fleas, which can cause many health issues including skin dermatitis and may also contribute to anemia. The Pronyl line of products is also effective against ticks and can offer some protection for your family against Lyme disease.

The product packages contain enough treatment for 30 days using 3 applicators containing half of a milliliter of the product. Pronyl MAX OTC starts to kill fleas and ticks in as little as 1 hour from the first application.

To take advantage of the discount on the Pronyl OTC treatment product, click this link to go to the product page. Then scroll down to the Special Offers and Product Promotions section. In that section, you’ll find a link to clip the coupon. The coupon will then be added to your cart and applied to the product.

To take advantage of the Pronyl MAX OTC product discount, click this link to go to the product page. Scroll down to the special offers section and click the link that says “Clip this coupon”. A 20% discount would then be applied to the product when you check out.

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