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Save $5 or $3 With Ultra Lite Cat Litter Coupons

If you need a lighter, more absorbent, and a scoopable cat litter, then you should try UltraLite. This easy lift cat litter is guaranteed to be 60% lighter than most brands. What’s more, it’s lighter on the pockets too. If you purchase a bag from Amazon using a special coupon, you’ll save as much as $5 on the purchase.

Check in to your Amazon account today, clip the coupon, and make the purchase. The discount will be applied at checkout. Each 10 lb bag costs $16.99. With the coupon, $11.99 is all you pay. And you also get free shipping if your purchases reach a total of $35. The 5 lb bag is on discount as well, thus allowing you to save $3 for every purchase.

UltraLite Cat Litter is non-allergenic and has a light, fresh scent. It can effectively eliminate odors from urine and feces, thus making it a great choice even for close quarters. The litter is soft on your pet’s paws, so they are going to love them too. UltraLite uses Bentonite Clay but it doesn’t clump as much as other brands do. Combined with it is the maximum moisture absorption and excellent odor control of silica gel.
Purchase now while the product is still available. This coupon deal is on for a limited period of time only. The deal is exclusively available from Amazon.

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One Response to Save $5 or $3 With Ultra Lite Cat Litter Coupons


    Why do you think ultra lite cat litter is so expensive? It doubled in price from the heavier kind. i can’t see why it is $12 and up for 8.5 lbs. I need MORE coupons. They are hard to find. Can anyone answer this question?
    Besides the company is money hungry!

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