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Save 25% on NoviPet Multi-vitamin for Cats

As we age, our body’s efficiency at handling vitamins certainly goes downhill. Protein and multivitamin supplements are quintessential for a healthy and fit mind and body. Cats, being living in nature as they are, do need their own source of vitamins and nutrients to keep their body clock ticking in the right manner. It is a known fact that unlike their wild counterparts, who have the freedom to forage into the unknown and stumble upon the right mix of nutrients via adequate diet, domestic cats seldom have such a magnitude of freedom. Domestic pet owners are often clueless as to the vitamin requirements of their pet cats, and often resort to merely serving their cats with a standard diet, leading to a dearth of important vitamins in the cat’s system!

The R&D team at NoviPet recognizes the importance of the said multivitamins in maintaining good overall health! NoviPet is fully approved by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and its products are known to positively aid the upkeep of your pet cat! NoviPet Multivitamin for cats is a daily supplement aimed at replenishing this crucial supply of multivitamins. Comprising of 40 chewable tablets, it is natural chicken liver flavored to ensure that your pet cat enjoys the flavor while imbibing important nutrients! What’s more? You can now avail a discount of 25% on the purchase of this product at Amazon.com. It is a limited time offer, so hurry up and get it while it lasts!

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