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Orijen Cat Food Discount – Get 10% Off

For a really nutritious cat food, try Orijen. Orijen is not all about flavor and texture. What this brand focuses more is nutrition. So if you’re looking for a high protein, low carbohydrates formula for your cute kitties, this is the dry cat food that you should get.
Orijen claims that their formula is based on what cats naturally eat. So by consulting with Mother Nature, they are able to provide the ultimate cat food formula that will work for cats of all sizes and breeds. Every kibble is guaranteed to make your cat happy and strong.
And now, simply because your cat is in for a much bigger treat, a bag of Orijen Grain-free 6 Fresh Fish Dry Cat Food is being offered at a 10% discount. Offer is available only from the Natural Pet Discount online store. The bag that normally costs $28.99 becomes $25.99 if bought from their site. That’s a clear $3 savings for you!
To avail of this discount, simply purchase the item today, while the discount is still on. There’s no need for any coupon. There are two bag sizes available, the 5 lbs bag which costs $25.99 and the 15 lbs bag priced at $61.99.
End your search for the best cat food with Orijen. With every bag, you know that your cat is getting all the nutrients that he needs, all without sacrificing the flavor that he used to love. So grab a bag while the item is still at 10% off. And be sure to buy as many as you need while you’re at it!

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