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NoviPet Hairball Aid and Omega 3 Coupons

The upkeep of a pet can often be a messy affair. To cater to your pet’s natural urges can often leave individuals in doldrums when they are busy with other tasks that encompass their lives. This is more so in the case of cats, who are prone to fur shedding, leading to the accumulation of hairballs in one’s home! To reduce or eliminate this, NoviPet has brought to the market a specific product aimed at appeasing various feline owners – the NoviPet hairball aid for cats.

The NoviPet Hairball Aid for cats not only provides the adequate nutrients to reduce and eliminate hairballs, but is useful at maintaining a healthy looking skin. The chewable tablets come in a natural chicken liver flavor, thus presenting itself as an unobtrusive diet for the cat! Each packet consists of 40 chewable tablets. There is a discount coupon available for this product! With the redemption of the same, one will save 25% of the product cost! Hurry, stocks are running low!

Besides the Hairball Aid, there is also a 25% off coupon for NoviPet Omega 3 Fish Oil nutritional supplement, available at amazon.com. This daily supplement supports beautiful coat and skin, and healthy heart and immune system.

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