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Halo Cat Food Coupons

Want to give your pets something nice this holiday season and beyond? Then pile up on the Halo Pet Foods coupons and give your beloved dogs and cats all they’ll ever want for Christmas. There are a half a dozen coupons up for grabs. You can pick just one or all of them to give your pets the nicest presents.

Halo Pet Foods is giving away several price-off offerings on pet food bags and individual products. Get $2.00 off on any bag of your choice. This coupon is valid for all bags of Halo, Purely for Pets products available at your local retailer. If you want a higher discount though, you can opt for the Halo Grain Free, Vegan, or Small Breed variants. For an added discount, purchase the 28-pound bag of Spot’s Stew and you’ll get $5 off with the coupon. Halo Purely for Pets is also giving away $3 off the Dream Coat Meal Enhancement Support and 50 cents off any pet food in can of your choice. And if you choose to buy the whole case of 12 cans, you get $3 off.

Simply present the coupon or coupons that you want to redeem at your nearest local Halo retailer and they’ll pack your bag of pet goodies right away. Only one coupon per person can be redeemed. Note that the retailers would ask for an 8 cents handling fee for each of the coupon you have redeemed. All coupons will expire on January 15, 2013 so be sure to visit a Halo, Purely for Pets retailer as soon as you can.

Coupons have to be properly printed to be considered valid. Don’t print the coupon images shown on the web page where marked void. Click on the coupon links instead and then send it directly to your printer when prompted. Only those printed coupons are accepted and can be redeemed at any participating Halo, Purely for Pets distributors.

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