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Friskies Coupons – Grillers and Seafood Sensations Coupon

Everyone needs nutrition. But the downside is, all things healthy just seem to taste plain awful don’t they? This holds good even when one considers the situation of pet food. However, grillers has come up with a fantastic new recipe for cat feed which combines the best of both worlds – Good taste bundled with great health! It is the right combination of crunchy bites and meaty tenders that will keep the cat hooked and happy. Health benefits, and being on the tasty side certainly makes Grillers from Friskies a worthy buy.

The diet is designed to ensure your cat is in the best state of health while it enjoys its meals. For the budget conscious who are reluctant to shell out the extra bucks can certainly find coupons and discounts in various online stores. However, the company is offering a discount coupon after the site visitor fills in certain details. So merely filling out details including name, mail ID, and other information, a customer can save quite a bit by the means of the coupon. Hence, from the perspective of the customer, this is certainly a coupon that shouldn’t be left unredeemed!

Friskies coupons UPDATE 2017

There’s another coupon available at Friskies® official website. You have to register here and you’ll receive a Buy One, Get One free coupon for Friskies SauceSations.

Few Friskies coupons are available at coupons.walmart.com.

  • Save $0.75 on one (1) 3.15LB or larger bag of Purina® Friskies® brand dry cat food.
  • Save $2.00 any one (1) 20 oz canister of Friskies® Party Mix Cat Treats

The second offer is also available at coupons.target.com

Keep in mind that in order to print these offers from Walmart and Target you have to install their printing plugin

Save $1 on Purina® Friskies® Cat Food with a coupon from Kroger. To get the coupon visit their coupons page and filter the Pet care section. You have to sign in or register in order to load the offer to your Kroger store card.

You can get a manufacturer coupon in the newspapers or order it from a coupon clipping service:

  • save $1 on Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food 3.15lb+ with this coupon (Expires 5/31/2017)

More coupons (best viewed on Desktop)

Expired coupons
Wag.com has a Friskies sale – they offer a 10% discount on various Friskies wet cat food variants (expired)
Among Costco Warehouse Coupon offers you can find a discount coupon for $5 off any Purina Friskies canned cat food (expired)
Further more, you can save $1 on any one 16lb+ bag of Friskies® Dry Cat Food at Kroger stores (expired)
There’s another Friskies coupon at cartwheel.target.com (expired)

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12 Responses to Friskies Coupons – Grillers and Seafood Sensations Coupon

  1. Coni Aparo says:

    I am trying to find coupons for Friskies canned food BY THE CASE & I am having great difficulty in doing that Please send a coupon & tell me how I may get them in the future

  2. charles russell says:


  3. betty says:

    I signed up on your site and still can’t get any coupons for Friskie’s wet(can) cat food. What gives? Places around here are having sales and all of a sudden you hide your coupons? Come on. Up the coupon’s already.

    • Jane says:

      hi Betty, there are three Friskies coupons available at the moment, mentioned in the post above. You have to register at the mentioned websites in order to get these offers.
      Do note that we just share the offers that we find online, we have no affiliation with any of these brands and don’t issue any coupons ourselves.

  4. mrsdmk says:

    I tried to sign up for your newsletter 3 times but each time it says I’ve given an invalid email. I gave both my yahoo email and my Gmail and double checked the typing also. What is going on? Also where can I find Friskies dry food coupons NOT the grillers or the seafood. My 30pd Siberian hybrid won’t eat fish believe it or not. The only kind he will eat is the Feline Sensations with turkey,chicken

    • Jane says:

      Hi, I see that your email is already registered in the database. I guess that’s why the error. Sorry about that. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any Friskies dry food coupons at the moment. I’ll update this page as soon as I find them.

  5. Are there any Friskies coupons available at this time???? We have 4 inside cats and we feed 3 outside cats. I would love to find any….wet food or dry. thanks

  6. Jack Donahue says:

    I feed outside and inside cats, morning and evening 6cans Each time. Evening I give whatever I have left over in meat products and one can of Walmart’s 15oz. Walmart’s price for 32 Friskies is $14.72. This is $2 less than Hannafords, Three cents more than purchasing on line with Friskies. Don’t think that it much of a savings.The coupons I noted above are one time, and on lesser amounts than the 32 packs. Many times Walmart has sales on dry food, less than $10 for 16 lbs. Kit and Kaboodle.

  7. Erika Reico says:

    I aso tried to sign up for either reduced cat food or coupons for Whiskas or any Purina cat food coupons but have no luck. I have been feeding 18 feral cats that were dropped off in my neighborhood and had kittens that we ended up having 18 total. With a little help they were all spayed and neutered and 4 got rehomed. I still have 14 outside feral cats and 4 indoor that we rescued few years ago. I love these cats but from one income it’s hard to stretch the money for food. I mostly buy the 44 Lb large bag Outdoor Kitty food for $23.99 but many times I have to get 2 bags for a month because we noticed other new cats showed up to feed. Every little help would be nice and these coupons helps a lot. How can I get coupons for Whiskas and or Purina cat food? Please help.

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