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Cat Food Options High in Potassium

We all know that potassium is important for our health, but did you know it’s also critical for your cat’s health? Indeed, since most common cat food options, whether in a can or dry food, is low in potassium, many cats come down with a condition called hypokalemia. Hypokalemia is marked by low potassium levels. To avoid this condition, it’s critical to feed your cat food that has enough potassium to keep your cat’s levels normalized.

Potassium is vital to health and is found within all of our cells. This mineral is important for the healthy functioning of muscles, nerves and also enzymes in our body. In addition, potassium is an essential mineral for the balance of fluids in the body, whether human or feline.

First, it’s important to know whether or not your cat has this issue. If you notice that you cat has stopped eating normally, seems weak or is having muscle issues, then it is essential to get them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Always make sure you have a proper diagnosis before changing your cat’s food to one that is high in potassium. Note that very high potassium levels is also a very dangerous condition, one which must be treated as soon as possible with dialysis, so having balanced levels is important and more is not always better.

Here’s an overview of options available in high potassium cat foods:

Royal Canin LP Gravy Morsels Cat Food – Royal Canin makes a canned cat food that has boosted potassium levels. This formula also has less protein than typical cat food, which is easier on the kidneys. The morsels also contain additional B-vitamins and oligosaccharides for better digestion.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Urinary SO Dry Cat Food – This dry cat food from the same company is formulated for cats with health issues. The additional potassium content is great for cats with low potassium levels. In addition, sodium chloride is added to help increase a cat’s urine output. Other important minerals, including calcium and magnesium are lessened with this food, helping to reduce stress on its system to increase healing when sick. In addition, this food has additional omega-3 fatty acids for reduction of inflammation, which is so common in sick cats.

Another option for treating the condition of low potassium is adding a supplement powder or gravy to their food or by giving your cat potassium supplements. You can get granules. Powders, tablets or capsules which contain additional potassium to help bring your cat’s levels back to normal.

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