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Boots & Barkley Cat Food & Cat Litter Coupon

If you have a pet you know it can cost a lot of money to feed them but you feed them because you love them. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune on your cat food. Target has an in house brand of cat food that is currently on sale. You can currently save 10% on complete formula cat food from Boots and Barkley (Target’s Brand) by going to the Target Cartwheel website and adding the coupon to your cart while one of their packages of cat food is also in your cart.
Here is the link for the offer: http://cartwheel.target.com/o/boots-_n_amp-barkley-cat-food-_n_amp-litter/-/51627
This offer is available in store only and the terms and conditions state that not all Target stores carry the product.
Boots & Barkley also offers a wide selection of other cat and pet items. From dog food to toys, whatever items you are looking for you can find them for less from Boots and Barkley.

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