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Best Cat Food for Urinary Tract Health

If you have a cat, you are likely familiar with the problem of urinary tract infections. Some breeds are more likely to have UTI’s than others, but it’s actually quite common and it is thought to stem from an imbalance in the diet, mainly from cat food. So if your feline friend tends to get urinary tract issues of this nature, then getting them on the right cat food can help them avoid these infections and maintain overall health than the standard brands of food you may find in your store.

If this is a concern for your cat, it is recommended to use special foods specifically designed to help your cat’s urinary tract health.

In the past, veterinarians thought that cat food that was high in certain minerals and fillers were causing urinary tract problems in cats. However, with further research, the focus has moved to the acid/alkaline balance. In addition, cats that are fed a diet of just dry food tend to have these issues, due mainly to dehydration and a lack of water in the diet. Just switching to a diet of wet food can often make a big difference. Generally speaking, the diet should be high in protein, low in carbohydrates and have high water content. In fact, you can add water to the wet cat food to increase the water content further.

It’s important to note that special cat foods designed for urinary tract health can sometimes hasten the formation of bladder crystals in healthy animals, so it’s best to avoid a diet specifically for this issue unless your veterinarian recommends it or your cat has urinary tract infection symptoms.

Using a cat food that helps to balance your cat’s pH is thought to be highly beneficial for preventing urinary tract infections. There are cat foods that you can find in pet stores that are specifically designed for urinary tract health. Here’s an overview of some popular brands:

Royal Canin Feline Urinary Wet or DryRoyal Canin makes both a wet and dry version of cat food that is formulated for cats with urinary tract issues. This formula has more sodium chloride and potassium which helps to increase urine output. It also contains fewer minerals that hasten formation of bladder crystals and has omega 3 fatty acids that help to decrease inflammation. Get it here.

Purina Pro Plan Canned Adult Extra Care Urinary – This brand by Purina is chicken based and contains a good balance of protein and fat. In addition, it is low in magnesium and other minerals that can cause formation of bladder crystals. Order it on Amazon

Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d Multicare – This brand by Hill’s Science Diet is formulated to inhibit the formation of bladder crystals. Available in both chicken and fish flavors, it has additional potassium citrate and vitamin B6 plus low levels of minerals that can cause these issues and omega 3’s for reduced inflammation and healthy skin and coat. Available on Amazon

These are three of the most popular brands, but there are many others available. Since cats tend to be finicky eaters, you might wish to buy single cans of a few different brands to see what your cat prefers.

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