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Authority Cat Food on Sale at Pet Smart Plus More

A holiday sale was recently opened by PetSmart, a premier store for pets. The featured manufacturer for the sale is Authority Cat Food. Authority has created such a big name when it comes to nutrition-based high quality cat food.

Authority offers a total of 16 cat food products on sale. Both dry and canned cat food versions are available at discounted prices. Among the dry food variants on sale are the Adult Cat Food, Hairball Control Weight Management, Senior Cat Food, Sensitive Solutions Cat Food, and Kitten Food. For the canned variants, the ones offered at slashed prices are Adult, Senior, Adult Pate Recipe, Kitten Formula, Adult Weight Management, and Indoor Formula.

All of the canned cat food variants are sold at a very low price of only $0.80 per can, although such a deal is available only at PetSmart’s physical stores. As for the dry kibbles, the prices range from $7.99 to $24.99, depending on what variant and package size you’ll get. The dry cat food variants can be purchased directly from the PetSmart online store.
Online buyers may also avail of the additional $10 worth of savings plus free shipping if their orders exceed $60. This is indeed the best Valentine’s Day treat you can give to your loyal purring buddy.

There are many other great deals available at PetSmart website. Some of the discounted cat food brands include Fancy Feast, Hill’s Ideal Balance, Hill’s Science Diet, Nature’s Recipe, Purina and others.

There’s an additional $5 holiday bonus available at PetSmart – if you spend $35 in stores or online on cat food, treats or litter you get a $5 coupon which is valid or your next in-store purchase of cat food.

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