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Authority Cat Food on Sale at Pet Smart Plus More


A four-day sale was recently opened by PetSmart, a premier store for pets. The featured manufacturer for the April 18 – 21 sale is Authority Cat Food. Authority has created such a big name when it comes to nutrition-based high quality cat food.

Authority offers a total of 11 cat … Read the rest

Wellness Pet Food Coupon $5 Off On Any One Wellness Dry Dog Or Cat Bag

Wellness pet food coupons

Wellness is dog and cat food brand with an amazing quality, albeit costly food. The company uses top line natural and nutritious ingredients. The main ingredient they use in their dog and cat food is healthy meat. Wellness claims that the meat they use does not contain steroids or hormones. … Read the rest

Hill’s Science Diet Coupon – Get $3 Off On Cat or Dog Dry Food

hills coupons

In this post we have something more to offer for cat and dog lovers. Petco is offering two deals by PalsRewards to share it with their pet owners so that they can take full advantage of it. These two deals are sure to get you excited and persistent enough to … Read the rest

Goodlife Recipe Cat Food Coupons

goodlife coupon

Give your pets something good this holiday season. Let them purr to delight and satisfaction with The Goodlife Recipe coupons that you and your pets can’t resist. Save as much as $6 on The Goodlife Wholesome Recipes, Snacks, and Treats. Get one of the three coupons (expired – new Read the rest

Vetscription Calming Diffuser for Cats Coupon


Vetscription offers one of the most helpful products for house pets. And the news gets even better: Now, you may enjoy $2 off on the Vetscription Calming Diffuser. This is a great treat for your cuddly kitties indeed. This product is especially developed to use the Pheromone Technology, which is … Read the rest

Purina Cat Food Coupons

purina coupons

Purina is one of the most loved cat and dog food manufacturers in the world. And as a way of saying thanks to their loyal customers, they are offering as much as $5 worth of discounts. Three assorted coupons are available for both cats and dogs food products. The coupons … Read the rest

Fancy Feast Dry or Wet Cat Food at $1 Off – Fancy Feast Cat Food Coupons

fancy feast coupon

Treat your cats to the best cat food around – Fancy Feast! For every purchase of 20 pieces of the 3oz can Fancy Feast wet cat food, you’ll enjoy $2 off with the coupon. That’s a great treat for your beloved cats indeed, for they get to enjoy 20 rounds … Read the rest

Vetri-Science 3-Dose Flea and Tick Defense Coupon

vetri science

Now save $4 on Vetri-Science 3-Dose Flea and Tick Defense for Cats and Medium Dogs. It’s important to kill fleas and ticks as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of diseases, parasites and skin irritations. Vetri-Science 3-Dose Flea and Tick Defense targets fleas, ticks and mosquitoes by using the … Read the rest

Friskies Coupons – Grillers and Seafood Sensations Coupon

Friskies Coupons

Everyone needs nutrition. But the downside is, all things healthy just seem to taste plain awful don’t they? This holds good even when one considers the situation of pet food. However, grillers has come up with a fantastic new recipe for cat feed which combines the best of both worlds … Read the rest

Meow Mix Wet And Dry Cat Food Coupons

meow mix coupon

As a pet owner, beyond doubt you will face a certain level of dilemma as to which food product to purchase. We believe this is the case since we are Cat owners ourselves having faced the issue in the early days of getting a cat home! After a thorough search, … Read the rest

Iams Coupons – Get $2 Off On Iams Dry Dog or Wet Cat Food At Walmart

iams coupon

When it comes to pet food, no other brand is as well recognized as IAMS. Having a prolonged history and a multitude of experience in the arena of pet food, IAMS is certainly a must buy for pet owners who are looking at quality at affordable prices. Its parent company, … Read the rest

More Natural Value Cat Food Coupons – Save 25%

natural value

Running costs, in most of the cases can be prohibitively high when it comes to purchasing cat food on a frequent basis. Pet owners must be prepared for this ongoing onslaught both monetarily and mentally! This applies equally for those aspiring pet owners, who are carried away by the notion … Read the rest